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Khaana Khazana • (480) 266-0597

Welcome to Khaana Khazana

Welcome to Khaana Khazana, home of the tradition and exquisite preparation in the Phoenix area. We have made a commitment to bring variety, high quality and large selection of Indian dishes and Chandler responded by making us successful.

Khaana Khazana ispleased to present a wide selection of Indian haute cuisine made from the finest and freshest ingredients. Our menu offers a welcome change from the ordinary that is not only pleasing to the palate, but a healthful alternative as well, owing largely to the use of a variety of vegetables and leaner meats. Khaana Khazana offers delicious specialties seasoned according to your tastes-wether mild, 
moderate or hot, a great variety to which we invite you to enjoy.

If you are craving the bold flavors of authentic Indian food, come to Great India ! Our talented, experienced chefs create authentic Indian dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional Indian recipes. Exotic sauces and flavors intermingle on your plate, and the hot, tangy aromas waft up to meet your nose, creating an exciting taste journey you can experience only in our restaurant.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience at Khaana Khazana will be an enjoyable one!

  • About Us

    Khaana Khazana Introduction

    Our goal is to present this variety in a range of tastes and preparations as a way of introduction to the regions of India. All without having to increase the price to average enthusiast, or glutton alike. We are offering South-Indian, North-Indian, Gujarati, and the unique Indo-Chinese cuisines as part of our buffet as well as regular menu preparations...


  • Our Menu

    Food & Menu

    We welcome you to our elegant atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy mouth-watering dishes from India’s vast range of regional cuisines. Our goal is to provide a dining experience that satisfies all of your senses — taste, sounds, and sights — plus unparalleled service. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our menu!


  • Catering

    We Cater for Special Events

    Khaana Khazana is one of top leading Indian food catering company in Arizona.. Over the years we have catered to hundreds of weddings, cultural organizations, political heavyweights, large and small corporations, graduations, birthdays and more. We provided a large variety of services for our clients – from catering to serving and more. Contact us for more information.